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导演:Luis Antonio Pereira 




主演:Wesley Aguiar 图卡·安德拉达 

更新时间:2020-07-20 12:09:05

简介: Mina, Beth and Martona are locked in Talavera Bruce Penintentiary, in Rio de Janeiro. Mina is the brain of the group, Beth is the impulsive one, and Martona is pure muscle. Mina controls the jail by selling drugs and goods, smuggled in by her sister, Jullienne. Mina is doing time for social security fraud, involving Senator Franco. The Senator thinks that she could snitch him to the authorities. So, he decided to bribe the warden to put an end to her life. But she is strong and smart, and the attempts against her are in vain. Now, it started a game of challenges and fight over power inside the pen, which the strongest and smarter will succeed.